Monday, December 17, 2012

A winter wedding

I flew to Canada for my niece's wedding. We spent the week getting ready for the big event....  I could tell you stories about wrong colors arriving in sashes for bridesmaid gowns and having to alter what the alterations person did.......but I won't. I'm going to show you how beautiful it all is in the end.
So, a winter wedding......walking out to the car to go to the wedding. It was cold but not terrible. The roads are all icy.
 My sister and her 3 daughters. I'm so proud of all of them.
 Nothing more beautiful than a bride in a beautiful gown.
 Grandparents. My Mom on the left and the bride's other Grandma on the right. I like how they were all holding hands. Both Grandmothers have health issues which makes then need walkers or wheelchairs to get around. |Having a bit of help standing for these pictures was awesome!
 We spent quite awhile getting ready for the reception. This wasn't a catered affair. The groom's friends cooked the meal. We got the hall ready for it all. That included putting up the Christmas trees on the stage. I'd shipped my sister a bolt of white tulle. Not on this picture is most of that bolt bunched around those trees, making it look like snow. It was the finishing touch for the front.
 My sister used various sizes of bottles for decoration. We bought bunches of flowers at Safeway and she just put a few in each bottle. There were 12 tables with 4 vases on each table. 2 of them were ones I'd brought with me, the tiny bottles Cracker Barrel uses for syrup. They were perfect for just a tiny flower and bit of baby's breath. That plus candles were placed on each table on a bit of tulle to make it all festive. Once the party was over, we brought them all home and put them into bigger vases to decorate the house.
 This morning I looked out at a bit of hoar frost. It just looks cold. Notice the cord on the rear mirror of the van. That's used to plug into the car when it's cold, to keep the motor warm. Also, look how cold the cars look. The van isn't used in winter so it's the perfect place to store extra food that doesn't fit into the freezer. It's the perfect storage space. My sister recently had to get a new washer and dryer. The dryer still worked and she's going to sell it. However, right now it's on the back porch. If you put a box on the bottom, inside the dryer, it's also a perfect place to store food. Nothing gets into it especially since the food we put in there is sealed in a container. You do what you have to do....
So the wedding is over. I'm hoping to fly out on Tuesday unless there's another snow storm. My sister is ready to crash for awhile. One of her other daughters has already declared that she is going to have a wiener roast for her wedding reception whenever she gets married.  I hope it's in summer.
I'm ready to fly back to East Tennessee where we don't see this much snow in several years.
U|ntil next week.....hoping to get a warp on my loom before next Monday!!


Tina J said...

Beautiful! And beautifully done! Congratulations to the couple!

Linda said...

I second what Tina said. Everyone and everything looks beautiful! Can you bring us back some snow?

LA said...

I'm so glad you could be there for such a special family time. It looks lovely.

Bonnie said...

Glad things came together. A beautiful wedding. Glad that you were able to go.