Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let's Try Something New

You will be so happy to hear that my place mats are OFF the loom.  Notice that I said they are off the loom.....not finished.  I've got to serge the hems, hem them and get them washed.  THEN they will be finished!!!!
  Before I start another run of place mats, I wanted to try this treadling for the Star of Bethlehem.  According to Dixon, this is Bound Weave.  I have this towel warp that is threaded for the Star of Bethlehem.  After the hem is woven, I weave 2" of plain weave, then do a band of overshot.  The three towels I finished have been well received.  But, I wanted to try something new with the band.  This is in 5/2 perle cotton using two shades of green.  I stopped at this point and took it out.

  I tried again using some 3/2 perle cotton....this time in contrasting colors.  I'm not too sure I like it, either.

  I'm going to sleep on it and make that decision later.

   Sadly, I'm sharing this picture of my lovely ornamental magnolias.   They will probably be gone by Saturday morning due to this last blast of winter weather.  It always seems like they bloom right before a freeze!!!!  But, we have had a fantastic week here in East Tennessee, so I won't complain too much!  It could always be worse!

  Actually, I need to spend  a day or two stuck inside so I can get everything ready for taxes.  Funny how that works, huh?
  I hope Spring has sprung where you are....
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Those are nice. I like the red with green. Looks Christmasie. That looks like a fun pattern. I am in NC and it is really blooming out. Flowers and trees everywhere. KY was not that far into spring. Hope that this is the last cold front and blooms don't get damaged.
Taxes--what can ya say?

Maggie said...

I thought Star of Bethlehem was overshot? But she says it's Bound Weave? I wonder what makes it that?