Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Gang's All Here!

  I knew that the folks were all back when I pulled up to the Center!  There were NO parking places in the back of the building, and lots of cars were already parked out front!!!  There were even customers upstairs in the shop!  (We even had visitors venture downstairs....they couldn't believe all the looms!)

  We welcomed Casey to our weaving community today.  (She works with LaDonna, so I'm sure she's heard lots of "weaver talk.")  I love her color choices, don't you?

  Betsy was busy first thing this morning tagging her purses that she finished during our snow days.

Carol was hard at work on her warp.


Jocelyn was close by to talk to Carol as she worked.  Charlotte set up a warping board on the table to wind her next warp.

LaDonna was able to finish the scarf on the rigid heddle loom today.   Back to rugs and place mats for Karin and Sharon!!!

  You can just barely see Carl standing inside the frame of the barn loom--he finished threading and tying on the new rug warp.  That means we'll be winding it on next week!

  Tina was busy un-weaving a couple of rows to correct a wee mistake.  Once that was done, she could continue weaving on the throw.

If you looked closely at the last picture, you could just see the top of Lanny's head.  But, here he is from a different angle!  Meanwhile, Carol got the chance to chat with Molly and Allan.

  Carol needed a warp wound for dye day for place mats, and Pat took on the job for the eight yard warp.  (That sounds so small when we've been winding warps for 12 placemats!!!)

  Ann came by to use the serger on her woven items.  After it got threaded, she was off and running!

  I thought you'd like to see the towels on Molly's warp.  She's got quite a few on the cloth beam!

  Share Time after lunch was filled with many completed projects!
  Sharon had towels and shawls.
  Karin finished her bound weave yardage and a scarf.
  Pat put an eight shaft gamp on her loom, and ended up with two shawls and one triangle scarf.

  There were more projects shared....I just didn't get the pictures!

  Place Mat Project Update:  Bonnie has finished her dozen!!!!  Yeah!!!!

Have a fantastic week!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Isn't it wonderful when everybody can come out and socialize. I love Pat's shawls. Red and Blue? What happen to the browns that she usually does. Teasing---Pat.

Anonymous said...

It was great to see all the beautiful work everyone did while snowbound!
Happy weaving,Sharen