Monday, March 23, 2015

One Warp

Over the past couple of years, I"ve collected a fair amount of selvedge material and it is time for me to use it all. So, I put on a nice long warp and wove 8 rugs.
 The first decision was not to balance the stripes, but to have a rug using up to 5 different balls of selvedge and to vary the width of the stripes and progression.
 When there was color, there'd be a band on the other end but not necessarily in the same spot.
 The warp has stripes in it and it's not really noticeable, just a subtle variation in the rugs. The selvedges cover most of the warp but it's still there.
 Adding color made the rugs more interesting but the neutral ones are perfect for alot of homes.
 I had a big ball of the dark blue flecked selvedge so I wove 2 rugs. There is a natural band on each end to break up the flecks of color. Almost unnoticeable, it still creates an interest in the rug. In this one you do see the warp better than in some of the other rugs.
 Adding red to the rugs gave it more interest in my opinion. But, I'm not buying the rug. It's hard to figure out what is the best combination but fun to try.
Weaving with selvedges makes a nice thick rug that's wonderful for your feet. However, on the cloth beam it takes up a lot of space. So, after 4 rugs, I cut them off and retied the warp to do the rest. They're also heavy to carry!
I wove another warp of rugs that I"ll post about next week. Right now, I'm almost finished weaving a warp, have another one wound and need to take pictures of what's on the loom before it's cut off!
After our interesting winter, spring is here. The daffodils, lenten roses and other flowers are starting to shine! The trees are getting ready to bloom and Dogwood season is just around the corner. 
Finding excuses to go outside isn't hard but it's still production time at our house.
So, I"ll be weaving as much as I can but still enjoying the warmer weather. 
Until next week, throw a shuttle or two but take a break inbetween!


LA said...

DO take some time to get outside and enjoy this lovely weather (before the weekend....that S word is back in the forecast!)

Harriet Gamble Hensley said...

Carol these are gorgious....


Bonnie said...

Nice bunch of rugs. You have been very busy.

KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Carol.. your rugs are wonderful and love your combos and spacing....
KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
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