Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Calm Before.....

It's hard to imagine the Studio without weavers, but if you get there really early on Tuesdays (like Tina and Carl did this morning,) this is what you would see.  The folding looms are all rolled out of their hiding places, and ready for weavers to appear.
  And, the tables are cleared and ready for the table looms.
  This is almost like a commercial for Schacht:  5 Pups, 1 Baby and 1 Mighty Wolf.   We're just glad they all fold up and roll.

   Take a few steps to the left, and you are right behind the Rocker Beater Loom.  From here, you can see the looms that stay in place all the time.  There are dish towels, rugs, place mats, throws and a soon to be napkin warp on these looms.

And, tucked away in the far left corner is the barn loom.  Today is the day the new warp will be wound onto the warp beam.
  From this vantage point, you can see the built in bench on this loom.  It's even padded!

****Thank you, Tina, for getting these pictures!

  Then the fun begins.  Ray and Carl worked on holding the warp and straightening the threads as they came from the chain.
  I used the stick to wind on the warp while Karin kept the harnesses from moving too much.  Molly was in charge of placing the sticks on the beam to separate the layers.

And the weavers continue to arrive and get down to business.  The table looms are brought in and put on the cleared spaces, and folks get ready to start their morning.

Betsy's sister, Sally, is visiting from the frozen north.  Betsy is going to take home the peg loom and figure it out.

  There's always catching up to do while you weave.....Andy and Roz got some time to do a little of that while they were weaving.

  Marie is our tech guru....look at all the gadgets!!!!  But, she's undertaken a complete inventory of our items in the shop.   All of this while we are adding many new items!

  Isn't that right, Carol?  She was on the other end of the table tagging new items for the shop and adding them to the inventory list!
  Who knew there was so much paper work involved in our little Studio???

  Bonnie was busy getting an order for her new loom ready.  And, while you're at it, does anyone else need anything from the Leclerc people????

And, we're always ready to celebrate our new weaver's accomplishments!  This is Harriet's second warp....she's hooked!!!

  This isn't the best picture, but you'll get the idea.  We have a Spring Auction coming up for the Center and over at the Museum.  We are making up gift baskets using our wide selection of placemats.  Tina found cups to coordinate with the mats, and we'll fill them out with other goodies.  It was fun going through the shelves.

  Nearly all of us left with things to get done before next week....and there's always that Place Mat Challenge to be working on! 
  All is quiet at the Center now.........
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Yes, how wonderful! I really miss all of that stuff going on. Thanks for keeping us all informed.

Tina J said...

Great post Lou Ann! I couldn't resist taking those pictures, I figured you could weave a good post with them!