Thursday, November 19, 2009

I spent all day yesterday at the loom, on plan B for the center challenge. My first plan didn't work out, but I could tell within the first inch. I scoured magazines and Marguerite Davison for ideas, got one and started cutting off that inch. I pulled all the threads back through, 12 at a time and rethreaded the heddles. The reed went quickly, and I started weaving late last night (late for me: 9:00). This morning, I was up and at it at 4, and wove about 4 inches.

If you're in the challenge, avert your eyes. If you're a perfectionist, remember that in the challenge we keep one--in my case, two since I'm making 4 of whatever it is--and the first one is mine. I chose Davison, page 22, Goose Eye, numbers VII and X. I liked that they called for a light warp, since I already had one, a dark pattern and a medium tabby. It's super fun to weave, like overshot, but small floats, if any.



LA said...

I love that pattern! How are you going to wrap it...just so I'll know (hint, hint!) I got 3 inches woven on my re-start of the Challenge Project. I like it better already!

Tina said...

I saw nothing!