Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Tuesday! We are all here!

Yes, we are all here, and some of us are actually weaving! Carol is cutting strips to be used in placemats and rugs. Lanny is winding a wool warp for a rag rug, on the rocker beater. Cathy and Paula are making knots on some placemats that Cathy had woven. Bonnie and I are fixing the warp on her loom that went all wonky, pulling it off the back beam thru the heddles and the reed, and then back on the back beam when we get the kinks out! Other Bonnie is busy weaving placemats using what we call "Ellen's Pattern", after our former teacher. We also have a couple of students today that are hard at it on the table looms they take home each week to work on. Allen is back on the old barn loom getting it ready to weave, probably next week. Lou Ann, Joyce, and Linda have already left.
That leaves Maggie, working on an order we got about 6 weeks ago. One of our former weavers ordered 16 placemats in "Dorothy's version of Ellens Pattern". She only has 3 more to go! That is Maggies warp in the picture.
Happy Weaving, Tina


Hilary said...

What a great idea.....I wish there were more weavers in my area of NY......you guys are so lucky to have the camaraderie of other weavers.

LA said...

Great post! I'll make up for leaving early Tuesday by weaving on Saturday for the Open House...how's that???? Three cheers for Maggie: only 3 left to weave!