Tuesday, July 10, 2018

  When Carol isn't with us, the weavers step up to help out the newer weavers taking their next steps.  Jaid had threaded her loom, and she was ready to sley the reed.  Marie got her going!

  By the end of the day, Jaid had bound on and wove her heading.  That hemstitch looks GREAT!!!

  Pearl set up catty-corner on the table with her loom.  It looks like she's at the end of that warp!  Later, Pearl tried her hand at weaving overshot on the sample loom that was set up for the weavers. 
  (We will be discussing the Overshot chapter from the Key To Weaving next week.)


  Ray was busy threading his double weave warp.  He's bringing some of his overshot items next week for our discussion on the book.  Ray uses the overshot technique to weave rugs....they are beautiful!

  Bonnie finished threading her loom today.  (She and Linda got a chance to catch up with each other.) 
  When Bonnie was ready to wind on her warp, Ray turned around and lent a helping hand!

  Sharon and Alyce got some weaving done today, also.  Alyce had a warp thread repair to deal with, but it went smoothly.

   After cutting more weft this morning, Carl got busy with his rug warp.  This one is about half finished.

  Linda and Betsy sorted through a donation of old copies of Handwoven.  They checked for copies of the magazine that we didn't have in our collection.  

   Here are our Ladies!!!  This really is a study of great concentration!!!!  (And, not a cell phone in sight!!!)

  So what IS Tina doing? 
  This yarn is indigo dyed singles in a huge skein.  Tina brought her squirrel cage swift to start the job of ball winding the yarn.  What a job!!!!

  We had a great day just getting it done
Next week is our book discussion AND Potluck Picnic!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Overshot rugs must be something wonderful!