Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Front & Back & All Around

  During lunch today, Polly counted the weavers sitting around the tables:  24!    I can remember when we all fit around ONE table!

  We added another new weaver today:  welcome to Jaid!  Would you believe her husband thought she might like to learn to weave????  He might be right!

  Jaid got to be the first to use one of the new student looms.  I hope she appreciates how much lighter these looms are to take home for the week.  Our old table looms weigh a ton!
  She'll be threading at home....just a straight draw!

  You'll usually find Carl back at the barn loom just doing what he does best:  weaving rugs!

  Christy has to work fast to keep up with his production.

  Bonnie pulled a chair up to the back of her loom to thread the heddles.  She'll be ready to tie on next week.  These will be be huck placemats.

  Sometimes you'll find us at the back of the loom ON THE FLOOR!  Yes, that's Ms. Ila fixing the tie-up on the treadles of her loom.

   Pat finished her warp of Wall of Troy.  This cloth will be used to make soup cozys for the fall sales.

  Pat wove this cloth at home.  Some of the yarn is handspun!  She wanted suggestions from the weavers for using the 3 + yards of goodness.

 Frieda wound a new warp on the reel as Pat and Bonnie wound bobbins at the table.  Something is always going around!!!!

  Wait a minute!  Someone left a surprise bag at Tina's loom!  It's a collection of selvedges!  That might work for a walker bag....
  And, someone found her two shuttles of black & white fabric!!!!  Somehow they got with the Kids' Camp stuff and Irene returned it to Tina's loom.

  Sometimes we just gather around a loom to catch up with friends....that's a good thing.

  And, sometimes we get to be with an old friend who came to weave with us today.  Karin brought her little Ashford Inkle loom with her linen pickup band in progress. 
  Be sure to click on the picture to take a closer look at that band!!!!

  Betsy just ignores me when I play peek-a-boo with her!!!!  She was busy re-counting threads...and that's a story for another day!!!!

  Another terrific Tuesday!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Boy, you guys sure made up for not being there last week. That band is...STUNNING!
Have a Happy 4th All!