Tuesday, July 17, 2018

C'mon In!

  We always welcome visitors to the Center, and encourage folks to come down to the Studio and meet the Weavers.  Dan came by the Center yesterday, and found out that the Weavers would be there on Tuesday, and that's who he wanted to meet!  He wanted more information on this piece of a coverlet that his great-great grandmother had woven after the Civil War.
  We were able to tell him that it was a Whig Rose pattern woven in linen and wool.  The wool looked to be indigo dyed.  Although Dan now lives in Mobile, AL, his folks were from Anderson County originally.

  And, to our delight, our friend Eiko dropped by the Studio.  It was so much fun catching up with her!

  Ray brought one of his rugs woven in the Cross of Tennessee overshot pattern to share today, along with some newspaper clippings about overshot coverlets and curtains.  But, then it was back to work threading his double weave warp.  He should be ready to wind on next week!

  Now to the story from last week:  when Betsy wound her new placemat warp, she got side-tracked and wound twice as much as she needed!  The decision was made to separate out the "second warp" and chain it off to weave later.  Pat jumped in and helped her tie the legs of the cross and chain it for storage.  Betsy will wind on the warp next week!!!!

  Bonnie will be able to start weaving next week.  She says she needs a refresher course in hemstitching....it just so happens that our new weaver, Jaid, does a lovely hemstitch!!!  I bet she can demonstrate that for Bonnie!

Don't you just love a good laugh????  The Ladies had a great time today!

 We had other visitors from upstairs as the Weavers just wove at their looms. 

  Lunch today was a Picnic Pot Luck!  YES.....we had plenty of desserts...just what I like!!!!

  We finished our day with another visitors.  This young man was fascinated watching Carl weave on the barn loom.
  His Mom teaches art at the local elementary school, so he knows a little bit about weaving.  I don't think he wanted to leave!!!

  I'll say it again:  We are so lucky to have this group!  It's a great place to learn and grow.

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

The smiles tell it all! Thanks for the update. I'm smiling too. :-)

Don Culberson said...

I want to thank the Tuesday Weavers for their enthusiasm and hospitality when I visited this past Tuesday with my g-g-grandmother's coverlet piece. I cannot tell you how much my visit meant to me! My curiosity about my ancestor's artistic rendering was more than satisfied! My experience there has truly made me wonder if I shouldn't begin to investigate the possibility that, maybe, just maybe, some of those genes may have made their way downstream a few generations!

It was one of the highlights of my little road trip! Again, Tuesday Weavers... thank you so much!

Don Culberson
Mobile, Alabama