Tuesday, July 24, 2018

It Must Be Vacation Time

  Well.....she's got her purse and notes....she's ready to walk out the door.  Yes, it's that time of year when Carol starts her journey NORTH.  She has left us with reminders about what we need to get done before she returns at the end of August. 
  I'm sure we'll do fine.............

  She'll keep up with us through the blog...I promised that I would try to avoid the backside shots.  Of course, it helps if the weavers wouldn't turn around!!!!!

  Ray finished threading this afternoon, which means he'll be winding on next week.  Carol will be able to keep up with his progress, too.

  Since there is more warp left on this scarf warp, Carol suggested that Sharon leave fringe for the scarf, and then begin a new piece to finish the warp.  This will become a mobius scarf.  Sharon was just finishing the hemstitching for the new piece.

  Peggy got her new warp started on the mill.  I think this might be the warp for curtains!

  Carl has been back on the barn loom just weaving away, and he'll need to cut more blue jean strips next week.  That will be the first thing on his agenda.

  Irene and Ron stopped by the Center to catch up with the Weavers.  She's been working on some projects at home. 
  Betsy's husband, Charlie, was in the pottery studio this morning while she was getting her loom ready to wind on her warp.

  This is the warp that she and Pat "operated on" last week.  We wound the fifteen inch section this afternoon.  That means threading next week!  That 13 yard warp had a few tangles from all the adjustments made, but Betsy's patience paid off!

  Actually, it was a rather quiet day in the studio...we have several weavers who are off doing "other things" right now.
  We're thinking about you.....hoping you're having a good time.....we'll be here when you get back!!!!

After all, we get REAL busy while Carol is on vacation!!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Hope all enjoy their vacations. Safe travels.

Tina J said...

So many new warps going on the looms, I can't wait to see them!