Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Safety Weaving!!!

  We have a new weaver:  meet Liz!  She's a teacher, so we only have her for a few more weeks.   Carol will get her going!  She had scheduled a class at Arrowmont this summer, but, due to COVID-19, her class was canceled.  But, she was determined that this was the summer to learn to weave!

  Our other Liz was busy serging the hems of her placemats so she could get them hemmed.  
  Lou Ann has started weaving on her black placemat warp, while Marilyn is working on her placemat warp.  (Sounds like a lot of placemats!!!)

  Mary and Tina finished winding on the 60 yard white placemat warp.  This should keep Mary busy for a little while!

Betsy is making progress on her towel warp.

Don't you just love seeing those threads all lined up??


  Sporting her new hair cut, Alyce was weaving away on her scarf warp.  How many scarves are on that warp???


  Oh, Marie!  Did Liz mess up the serger???  Sometimes you just have to stop, clean it out, and re-thread that puppy!!

A quick shout out to Carl and Anna:  Carl is recovering and back at his place!  Stay well!
  Anna is out in California--remember to wear that mask!

Stay safe!
Happy Weaving!


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