Tuesday, June 16, 2020

New Warps!

  The virus isn't keeping us from getting some new warps on the looms.  Betsy worked this morning getting her towel warp ready to wind on the loom.  She has it all set to wind on next week.

  Tina brought her tension box to start the process of winding on a 60 yard warp on the Leclerc loom.  This is the loom with the white warp.  Mary wanted to learn about the process, and she took over the winding after lunch.

  Charlotte brought in this lovely shawl to add to our inventory in the shop.  She loves to work with left over tubes of thread from the studio and from the other weavers.


  Marilyn has started weaving on her new warp.  She got a little tip on winding her bobbin (just tuck the end of the thread into the bobbin center before you put it on the spindle!)

  Alyce was sporting a bright green mask--her sister in law made it for her.  She's working on another scarf for the shop.

  A customer wanted some additional placemats in the colors that Patty had woven.  She's almost finished with this special order.

Pearl is sporting the full face mask--no fogging!  She is enjoying weaving the lace placemats.

  Those face shields are great...until you're ready to eat lunch!  Pat solved that problem!!!!

  Look who joined us for lunch!!!  It's so good to see Linda, even for just a little while.

Lots of weaving to do.....
Stay safe!
Happy weaving!


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