Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Keep On Keeping On!

  There were just a few weavers in the Studio today...it sure is nice seeing friends!
  Carol took note of projects on the looms, and what new warps will be going on the free looms.
  Marie keeps the books!!! 


   Margi is working on a project using leftover pieces of woven fabric.  (Those are the pieces on the corner of the table.)
  Betsy is still winding on her warp...she's being SO careful!

 Liz is already hemstitching on her first warp!
  Susan was able to join us today, and she made the rounds to see what folks were working on.  
  I didn't mean to surprise Mary, but, I caught her off-guard when I snapped the picture.  She has begun threading the Leclerc loom that they loaded last Tuesday.

  Patty has started weaving another walker bag for the shop.  Those colors will work for a man or a woman.
  Linda is threading on the towel warp.  First up will be a pattern from Strickler's book.


  Sharon has been weaving on her scarf warp on Mondays, and she finally finished!!!  There were three scarves on that warp.  
  While I was there yesterday, I warped one of the Pups to weave mug rugs using the overshot pattern, Wheel of Fortune.  I got started weaving today, and I'll get pictures next week.  Some of our weavers wanted to try their hand at overshot, and this will give them a sneak peek!
Stay safe, my friends......
Happy Weaving!

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