Tuesday, May 15, 2018

She's Back!!!!!!

  I guess she had to check up on us.......
With her sling in place, Carol braved I-75 (and Alcoa Highway) just in time to open the door for the weavers!  And, wouldn't you know it....we added two new weavers since she's been gone!
  After looking at Davison's green book, Peggy found a weave structure she wanted to try...Carol wants her to do one more warp on the table loom before she moves to a floor loom.

  Marion finished her plain weave, and she got started on the three inches of basket weave. 
  Pearl wasn't with us today...she'll meet Carol next week.

  Helen is going to be ready for a floor loom very soon.    She just keeps weaving away!!!!

Carl got right to work cutting blue jean strips for his rugs.  These are the panels that he joined last week. 

  Now that Christy is back from her travels, she got right to work prepping more blue jean legs to join. 

  We had lots and lots of laughter coming from the Ladies this morning!  I understand....weaving IS fun!  And, weaving with your friends is just too much fun!!!!

  Alyce is back to work on her towels...she related that she's becoming very good at UNweaving!!!! 
  Betsy has been brainstorming what she's going to make from the leftover cloth on her placemat warp.  She's really near the end!

  The closer you get to the end, sometimes there are loose threads.....don't you love the bling at the back of Betsy's loom!!!!


  Marie is also getting close to the end of her warp.  That hot pink shawl warp has produced three eye catching shawls!
  Sharon just left her loom tucked behind Marie and got a lot of weaving accomplished.

  Liz finished her warp of placemats today.  She got twelve placemats and one 72" table runner from the twelve yard warp. 

  Pat is weaving Wall of Troy for some soup cozys.  She's using a dark green warp, and will change the weft to give more choices.

This red towel is almost finished.  I wonder what color the next one on Linda's warp will be?????

  Tina started a "walker bag" on the new black warp.  She's using the clasp weft technique for the pocket part of the bag.

  Tina also took some time to give a quick demonstration of how she uses the combs to prepare fiber for spinning.  Pat is going to be prepping some fleece to spin at home.
  By the way, on the table you can see Liz's placemats.  She was busy serging the edges before she hems them at home.

   Anna was our angel today:  she brought us "Blondies" for a treat!  My-oh-my....they were so good!!!!  Thank you, Anna!!!

  I know we wore Carol out today....but, it was so nice having her back with us!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Welcome back Carol! Good to see you getting right back into it. Isn't Davison's book the best!

KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Welcome back!!!

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