Monday, May 21, 2018

I can't......yet

It's been over a month since I posted. Actually I haven't created anything in months! I'm not used to this. I've been weaving for 38 years. Each day I've done something related to weaving, either actually working at the loom or assembling pieces I wove.
The first three months a year ago were busy for me. I had a deadline to weave the last batch of curtains for the lodge on Mt LeConte. Then I wanted to get way ahead of my rug production and worked hard on that. My loom is set up so I can weave five rugs before cutting them off and retying the warp on to weave more. Rugs are heavy. Actually, I generally weave more than 16 yard warps for clothing. When I cut them off, it's a fairly heavy pile to carry over to my serger.
I've been doing this for 38 years, right?
Well, last spring about the time I finished those rugs my arm felt different, it was hard to lift certain ways. So, I figured, ok, I'll cut back a bit plus I don't weave in July or August due to other responsibilities. It'll get better, right? 
I keep weaving in fall but more slowly because it was hard to catch the shuttle with my right hand and pull the yarn off it in preparation for the next throw.
I finally went to the doctor. They won't do an MRI until you do physical therapy and get your arm abused as they stretch it. I did that a couple of months before I put my foot down and insisted on an MRI. 
Guess you have it figured out...tendon tear and a spur that needed shaving off.
I had surgery a month ago. He found my bicep was also torn.
I knew I would live in the recliner for the first two weeks, at least. DH slept on the sofa. What a guy!!! I felt sorry for him and the recliner got less comfortable at night so now I'm in the spare room, sleeping surrounded by pillows, wearing my sling to protect that arm.

I prepared ahead of time. I did not put a warp on my loom. It was hard to wind one on the warping board anyway. Plus I didn't want to tempt myself. I did cut out three small quilt projects figuring I could sew them. They won't let me. My arm would be at the right height but I guess they're afraid I'd overdo it. 
So what can I do? I can hand embroider. I like redwork so there are a couple of pieces ready to go. However, I don't want to overdo it! So I've pulled out stacks of old quilting magazines I thought I wanted to keep but don't have room for so I'm ripping out ideas and giving away all the magazines.

I can't do what I want to do yet but I'm back at physical therapy. Most of it's easy but when they force the arm beyond what it's doing, you just have to grit your teeth and hold on because the goal is to be back weaving and being productive again. My range of motion has improved immensely but I still can't do my hair. It took 3 weeks but DH is now a pro at pony tails and I even had him help me with putting in my earrings a couple of times. I can't get into a lot of my tops because the arm isn't ready to move that far but it's slowly getting there as well. I'll be glad to get rid of a short sleeved blouse that I bought just for this purpose. It's big so I can slide my arm in and good for therapy. My stack of magazines is shrinking slowly. TV is being used a lot here in the living room. Have you watched The Crown on Netflix? Bosch on Amazon? 
It's getting old but I am trying to learn the art of patience!

So I won't post anything til I can get something done. It could be awhile. I was't going to post this but LouAnn suggested the title when I mentioned that I couldn't do anything. 
Nothing yet but by fall I should be weaving again. The arm needs to heal. Weaving caused the tear due to the repetitive motion and inactivity post surgery will heal it!

Keep weaving especially since I can't!


Liz aka Fibergeek said...

I totally sympathize with you and your arm. I'm recovering from a broken wrist with many of the same restrictions and therapy. I hope we will both be weaving again very soon.

LA said...

I think you have come a LONG way!!! Kudos to DH for all the TLC!!! You're getting there!!!!

mageez said...

hang in there. I've been weaving since I was a child and had both shoulders replaced at the age of 68. now at 70 I'm back and appreciating every pain free movement. take the time and follow Dr's orders.