Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wandering Vine

Wandering Vine--AKA Snail Trail or Cat Tracks

  This is probably my favorite overshot pattern to weave.

Sadly, vines have become my most disliked thing about summer.

  After being totally ignorant of this vine for over 50 years, it has finally made itself  known to me!  Yes...."leaves of three...let them be."  I am NOW very aware of that little rhyme.  I had on my gloves, but the leaves brushed my arm above the glove....and you know what that means!

  Poison Ivy isn't the only vine I'm at war with here on the Ridge....oh, no!!!!

Grapevine----mean and hard to get rid of!!!!

  Honeysuckle.....looks so sweet!  The bees love it.  It will climb any fence and wrap around any bush!!!! will TRIP you!!!!  But, it is a nice ground cover if you keep it under control.


Virginia Creeper........don't get me started!!!!


  English will cover your house if you aren't careful.....just ask me!!!!
  "Little lambs eat ivy" as the song goes....where are they????  Come to my house and have a feast!!!!

  I do need to get back to my "wandering vine" pot holders for the fall sale, but, these vines need my attention, too.

  In the meantime, my little bottle of Caladryl lotion goes everywhere with me!

I'll leave you with this tune from my early sums it all up for this week:

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

It is the same on this side of the ridge! I can add "Creeping Charlie" to your list. That one spreads through your lawn!

Theresa said...

Oh my , a post with tendrils! Love the song. We have Poison Oak here. I have native honeysuckle planted and it creeps up toward are deck and stays pretty tame.
Take care of that poison itch. Happy weaving.

Linda said...

Same here and ditto to what Tina said! Ugh.