Tuesday, November 17, 2020

What Makes You Smile?



  Color makes me smile!

Gina is getting ready to start a project at home, and these were the colors she wanted to use.  (I don't think she intends to use them all in the same project....just so you know.)

  This array was on the table when I came into the Studio, and I couldn't help myself....SMILE!


 Marie always makes me smile.  

She was working in the Shop today, and I had some things I needed to do.  (The Center depends on end of the year donations to close the gap, just like most non-profits.)  Plus, I wanted suet feeders for Christmas presents....there was only one left!  But, Marie called the woodworker and ordered me another one.

  It will be there waiting next Tuesday!!!!

  That's real customer service, Marie! 




  Oh, those towels!

I just love the use of color for the bands. 






  The warp is threaded....now let's sley the reed.

What color will she use for the weft????

We'll get to see next week!

  Seeing Shirley each week makes me smile!




  Cram and spaced placemats....it's just plain weave, but this makes it so interesting.

  Sometimes it's the little things that make us smile.

Good job, Mary!



  It's so nice to see Helen back with us.  She's going to make some mug rugs....let's wind a warp!  

  Carol is always on hand to help out.



  I promised a close-up of Linda's towel warp:  this is Strickler's #82.  (It's one of my favorite patterns!)

  The whole personality of the towel will change when she changes the color!







Linda, Marie and Sharon

Shirley, Carol and Betsy

Pearl and Peggy












Lunch time with these folks always makes me smile!  

We share stories, books, projects.  WOW!  We're so lucky!

Stay safe, my fiber friends....wear those masks and keep your distance!

Happy Weaving!


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