Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Place To Be

L to R:  Pearl, Patty, Marilyn, Ms. Ila, Betsy and Carl.

  This is a pretty typical view as we gather on Tuesday mornings.  Folks start to pull out looms and get a space to weave.  There's always small groups just catching up on the six days that we weren't together or sharing ideas for new projects.

 Carl needed to cut more blue jean strips for weft for his rugs, and Pat jumped in to help.  Christy had joined the panels this winter.
  Mary was back to work on the white placemat warp, and you can see Bonnie and Marilyn at the back wall of the studio.

  Before you know it, the table fills up with weavers, and they get down to business.  As you can see, we have a lot of Inkle loom weaving going on right now.  (We're really serious about getting those bands woven!!!)
  Carol took time to consult with our new weavers and answer questions about their projects.

L to R:  Liz, Helen, Jocelyn and Peggy


 You can see Liz trying to finish her towel warp before she has to rush upstairs for a meeting about Kids Kamp.  That's coming up in June, and Liz has been working very hard on activities for the one day camp.  (Weaving will be on the agenda!)

  Marilyn's cloth beam was filling up!  After she finished her runner, we wove in two sticks, and cut off the warp that was woven.  This means she'll be hemming placemats and runners at home this week!!!!
  Bonnie was hard at work on her shawl warp.

  Keeping up with technology is a challenge, but Marie is a master using her weave design program.  Ray is getting some pointers on a towel design that Marie perfected.

  Marie has branched out to taking photos of her woven pieces.  Today, she did a photo shoot for our upcoming Inkle Loom class.

  This is the finished product!  Great job, Marie!!!!

  The Studio is always a lively place to be!!!! 

Happy Weaving!

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