Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Broad View

  Looms are out and weaving commences.  Bonnie was tying on her warp today....but, no weaving just yet.  Ms. Ila is almost through threading.
  Alyce got to weaving a little later, and got to work on her purple throw.

  Here's a close up of Margi's table runner that she's weaving.  Rag weaving is so much fun!  The print just dances around as you weave.

  Inkles were set up on the table as we added to our collection for the key ring project.
 Carl finished up all his cut weft for rugs this afternoon, which means we'll be cutting strips next week!

  Keep those placemats coming, Mary!!!!  That's a nice roll of placemats on the cloth beam.
  Ray wears so many hats here at the Center, but, today he got to just weave for a little bit.  (Ray and Marie taught  a mug-rug class on Saturday!)

  Marie is another person who wears a lot of hats with our little group!  Here she is warping her Inkle loom before she has to go upstairs for shop duty.....never a dull moment!!!
  Bonnie spent the morning weaving on her shawl warp.

  Several folks went back to help Jocelyn get her warp wound on the loom this morning.  That's Tina back there right now.
  Liz and Sharon were able to get some weaving accomplished, too.

  Marilyn has switched her color scheme to a bluish combination on the black placemat warp. 

  Frieda set up by Charlotte to work on her warp.  You can see the tub of bands that have been made into key rings.

   Laura was at the end of the table working on her new warp. 

Frieda's new band.

  Linda's new band.

Last, but not least, is Patty's new band.

  I'm really glad that Betsy needed someone to taste-test her new (from scratch) strawberry cake.  Yes....it was delightful....she used fresh stawberries and butter cream icing.  Now, how could that go wrong???
  This is a dry run for a wedding cake for a friend....thank you for letting us help you, Betsy!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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