Tuesday, April 23, 2019

It's Tuesday! Do You Know Where Your Weaver Is???

  Marie, Linda and Carol were busy this morning putting new stickers on some of our woven goods that are going to a shop in Gatlinburg.  This is a great opportunity for us to sell to at a new venue.

  Sharon was available to help Jocelyn put on her new towel warp.  (Linda is taking a look at the 8/2 colors available on the shelf.)

    Blue and white stripes.....this will be fun to see what Jocelyn does with this towel warp!!!!

  Carl has plenty of weft to keep him busy (for a little while!)

  Ray is sending one of his overshot rugs to the shop in Gatlinburg.  (And, it's a blue jean rug!!!!)

   Carol had time this afternoon to weave on her wee Inkle. 

  Patty is doing a great job on her first Inkle warp!!!

  Tina brought her band loom to warp today....that will give us lots of tape for those key rings.

  Betsy is taking over the mega Inkle loom.  She's got a great color combo going!!!!

  Bonnie and Marilyn are doing their best to keep those looms humming!

  After helping with the items going to our new venue, Pat got a little weaving done.  Then it was time to pack it up.  She was headed to pick up the sewing machines:  they've been serviced and they're ready to get back to work.

  Ahhhh....The Ladies minus Ms. Ila.  It's always a good day weaving with our friends!

  It looks like Bonnie is almost through threading....maybe we can see her pattern next week.

Tuesday.....the best day of the week!!!


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Theresa said...

LOL! LOVE that overshot rug.
Happy weaving weavers!