Friday, December 2, 2016

Frosty Morning

We actually thought that winter might never come.  I have lighted the wood stove only twice so far this year, but this morning there was frost everywhere.  I went out to put hay out for the goats and the hay racks were empty, a sure sign that winter is definitely on it's way.

All this is important because this morning LouAnn and I made one of our trips to the Museum of Appalachia.  A couple of school groups were heading that way, and we like to make them feel right at home, or really that they are coming into our home.  We tell them all about spinning and weaving, and we answer a million questions on those subjects, multiple times.

We headed out early and ran by the post office to drop off a couple of things.  Then we went thru the drive thru for a bite, and high tailed it out of town in the early morning light.

Our route takes us by a river, and this time of day the fog was so thick we could barely see the road, but soon enough we left the river and the fog behind.  (LouAnn has these new fangled heated seats that are to die for!)

The museum is open almost every day of the year, and today is a special day because they are having an old time Christmas time celebration tonight.  LouAnn and I can't make it tonight, but we get to enjoy all the festooning that has been going on this week.
A frosty field where last week the goats were still grazing on green grass.

This morning they, like my goats are huddled around the hay racks.  Once the day warms up they will spread out and do some obligatory grazing out in the field.

Frosty grounds on our way to the cabin

Here we are, the Peter's Cabin, greeting the morning sun.
Like I said there has been some festooning going on around here!

On the door......

 On the porch railings....

Even inside our cabin, the greenery was evident.  But I have to tell you it was cold in there!  We could see our breath it was so cold.  (winter time is the only time I am glad I don't actually live in the cabin)

Before we could do anything else I had to get the fire going in the fireplace!!!!  Once that was done we sipped our coffee and ate our breakfast and waited for the school groups to come our way.

As always it was a good time, lots of good questions and interest in the old time crafts.
By 12 noon, the kids were done touring the grounds, and it was time for us to pack up, put the fire to sleep and head to the cafe, where we like to eat whenever we get the chance.

Today, I couldn't resist the ham and bean soup, with my mashed potatoes and fried apples and I was not disappointed!  Christy the wonderful cook at the museum even gave me an idea how it was made.  She said "Everything is to taste you know, I can't hardly write it down."
LouAnn gave the bacon wrapped chicken a try with her mashed potatoes and green beans, we shared the pineapple upside down cake.

By the time we were done with lunch our toes had warmed up nicely and we headed home, each with our list of what we hoped to accomplish with the rest of the day.

One of the things on my list is to start putting up the Christmas decorations, and I have gotten almost all of it in place, I just have to finish the tree.  Next week I will get a couple of pictures to show you what we like to do to our little house to promote that Christmasy feeling.

That is it for now, Until next time stay warm and keep making things, Tina


LA said...

The Museum looks so festive all decorated for Christmas! The school groups had an extra treat today!!! BTW....that pineapple upside down cake was to die for!!!!!

Theresa said...

Oh yum and fun! LouAnn I'm a pineapple cake lover too. It is my Mom's best recipe.
We had one for Thanksgiving.