Thursday, December 22, 2016


  Here we are....just nine days left of this year.  I'm already looking ahead to 2017.   I got notice this morning from Amazon that the book I pre-ordered will be shipped on the 28th.  This book is one I'm really looking forward to diving into.
  I often take my Inkle loom when Tina and I go to the Museum of Appalachia during the winter.  This book will give me a lot of new information about this type of weaving.  Also, I can get some hints on using the box loom that Linda's husband made for me.  There's always so much to learn about weaving!

  Which reminds me:  What are my weaving goals for 2017? 
1.  Try crackle weave.
2.  Weave a run of mug rugs!!!!  (I didn't weave any this year!)
3.  Practice spinning until I get some usable yarn to weave!  (Ha ha!)

  I'm sure there are more goals for my list...but that's it by now.  I hope you are ready for the next nine's a busy time of year!

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!


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Theresa said...

I know there is a Glimakra Band loom under the "fictional tree" I might need this book.