Wednesday, December 22, 2010

EWE-L TIDE Greetings

I asked DD what I should call this blog and the title is her idea!! I thought it was pretty good!! Better than anything I was thinking anyway!
Yesterday we had so much fun at the center, cutting old wool clothes, figuring out projects, watching Ann cut denim so quickly and easily with that Chickadee.........and then I drove home. I was on the interstate close to downtown Knoxville when the jeep suddenly went nuts. I thought the whole thing was calling apart. Luckily there wasn't alot of traffic so I could move from the far left lane up to the retaining wall on the right. Yup, flat tire. I'm so glad we have AAA. The guy came in about 45 minutes and changed the tire.  I went straight to Fleet Tire to have them check it. I was driving DD's jeep. She got an early Christmas present.....2 new tires! That took care of any time I thought I had in the studio yesterday!

I was waiting to put the warp on the loom for that weaving guild project until an additional cone of yarn was ordered so I could just weave all the panels off. It's on its way so I am going to put the warp on today and see how different the colors work with the pattern I've picked.
In the meantime, I cut out a wallhanging kit. Sometimes it's fun to just pick up a kit at a quilt shop and do what they have already figured out instead of making up a pattern. This wintry snowman, animal print is just cute. The wallhanging isn't going to be huge but fun. The colors are Christmasy but it's something that can hang well into January, once it's done! So it'll sit by the sewing machine and I"ll work on it as I have a minute here and there!

 What I should be doing is making baby blankets. Remember some months ago I made one for a dear friend's baby? Well, I had some fabric left over so was able to cut enough for another one. I sewed it day before yesterday. I won't quilt it yet. I"ll wait til I have a few more and then quilt them all. I have a stack of potential baby blanket fabrics. It takes time to figure out what to do with it all and Christmas is not the time to do that so they will wait. Besides, for this quilt, the back will have to be pieced because I don't have quite enough of one fabric for the back. I like to give baby quilts to friends and children of friends who are having babies and my stack is empty right now. I need to make more just so there is a choice. Winter's a good time to do that!
 Now that I've finished the scarf for our Tuesday Weavers challenge, I could put on one of the painted warps we did in October. This is the first. I did it in sections so I could have contrasting colors in the stripes. I hope it weaves nicely. It's bamboo. I had ordered a couple of cones of dyed bamboo when we ordered the natural and this seablue matches what I dyed perfectly. That was unplanned but a nice result. I'll try to get it woven this week yet as well. Have to thread it through the reed yet. I lost my paper with the sett that I had planned but I will refigure it and resolve to take better notes on these kind of fun projects next year!!
Last week we had snow and ice and it was incredibly hard to get around. Now they're predicting rain and snow for Friday and Saturday. I grew up in Canada and I remember Christmas Eve as being cold but not awful and huge flakes of snow falling down sometime during the day. Then Christmas Day was clear and very cold. That belongs in Winnipeg not Knoxville! Here's hoping they're wrong on what's coming this weekend and we have just a few pretty flakes in the air! That would be nice!


LA said...

I agree that a few snowflakes falling on Christmas day would be very lovely....I just don't want it to lay!!! You've got a lot of projects in the works, so I know how you'll be spending your time. Stay warm and a very Merry Christmas to ALL of you!

Bonnie said...

A flat tire. Did you have a nail in it? I have had 3-4 nails in my tires causing flats. I think there might be nails in the gravel at the center. I don't know where else that I would get a nail.
Lots of things for you to do. Most overwhelming.

Linda said...

Wow, I am glad you are OK!! Scary.

It looks like you will have lots of projects to keep you busy this winter. I really like the quilt.

Tina J said...

I am partial to that cone of blue bamboo, and I can't wait to see that scarf woven up!

Theresa said...

The post title, brilliant and the projects too! Have a wonderful holiday!