Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Go Ahead.....Make a Plan


  We came to weave....but, the powers that be had other ideas!  It seems that the Fire Marshal thought we needed wider pathways at the back of the room, so with masks in place, we rolled up our sleeves and set to moving looms and assigning new places for some of the other looms.  (Would you argue with this group????)


  Thirty-six inches from the wall/bookshelves was the order.  And, just to be on the safe side, Pat and Betsy got out the yard stick!!!

  As we moved looms, Bonnie came behind us and vacuumed the rug.  (We killed two birds with one stone on that one!)

Since we aren't all in the studio on Tuesdays right now, we tried to keep looms that are used on other days in reach of the weavers that use them.

Linda B., Betsy and Pearl

  We set today aside to have lunch together and Remember Carl.  

   It was a perfect Fall day to be outside, and we shared stories about Carl.

Alyce, Sharon, Linda L., and Pat


Carol, Peggy, Bonnie, Mary, Alyce, Marilyn, Sharon

We are so lucky to have known him.

(****Just a note:  I hate the new Blogger....it won't let me move pictures!!!!!!)

We had a great sharing time...weavers have been busy at home!

Sharon finished her ISOLATE project and tried out two different wefts with her warp.  

Pearl is making slippers for Peggy's grandchildren....aren't they just the sweetest little things!!!!

Pat finished the embroidery on a project for a friend's family.  All of the wool used for this was handspun and dyed.

Marie was upstairs in the shop today.  Doesn't she look official behind the desk!!!!  (That's one of her scarves that she's wearing!)

  So.....not a lot of weaving.  But, we had a lot of Togetherness.


Stay safe!  Wear your mask!

Keep social distance!!!!


Happy Weaving!


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