Tuesday, July 14, 2020


  I just LOVE seeing old friends!  Today we were treated to a visit from Lanny and his wife, Ann.  You might remember that famous picture of Lanny in his kilt!!!!  He is a fabulous weaver!!!
  And, Karin had a day off to come be with us:  just look at that band she's weaving on her Inkle loom! 


  Take a look at this:  Pat has finished weaving her ISOLATE project!  What a wonderful table runner to have during this time, and a reminder of our challenging months.
  Pat said that she went through her stash to find the colors she needed for the runner.  She found a threading that had different treadlings to use for the different sections of the runner.
  It works, Pat!!!


  Betsy has finished winding on her towel warp, and she'll start to thread the next time she comes.  ( I think she and her DH are getting ready to take a trip in their new RV....so it might be a week or two!)
Carol checks in on the weavers from time to time - I'm glad Jocelyn's warp is finally behaving!  Those towels are truly lovely!

  Mary is over half way threading the white warp on the Leclerc.  She spent some time today watching me weave overshot mug rugs (no picture, again!) 

  Lou Ann and Bonnie were having a deep conversation when I interrupted them....but, both of them got a lot of weaving done today.    

   Patty is back at work on the black warp.  Placemats or walker bags????  We'll have to ask!  I do know that she's working on her ISOLATE project!

  Margi was going back and forth from the table to the sewing machine as she worked on the wee stockings to sell.  They can be used for gift cards or $$$$. 

  Marie was working upstairs this morning.  She and Ashley had their heads together talking about the new bar code system we'll be using soon.
  The new set-up is designed to keep desk workers safer while they work.

  I hope you're staying safe, too!!!
Happy Weaving!

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