Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Trick or Treat???

  Trick or treat????  Some of us are in the Halloween spirit!  (Or, maybe we just like to dress up!)  We like to look our best!

   Today was the day to pull inventory from upstairs and get it ready to go to the Foothills Fall Show. So, while we loaded up the van with the display equipment, some of our weavers brought down rugs to take to the show.  Carol started to work on the inventory list.

   Linda, Sharon and Pat pulled towels, scarves, and placemats and listed them for Marie's master list.
  Many of the weavers brought the items they wove at home to go to the sale, too.
    While we stopped to have lunch, we went over making out sales slips and using the Square for credit card orders.  (It's been a year since we did this....we all needed a refresher course!)  After lunch, the tubs were loaded up to be taken to the Expo Center on Thursday.

  We did have some weaving going on in the Studio!!! 

  After all, we still need to get items woven for the Shop upstairs!

   Staying busy keeps you out of trouble!!!!

   And, Carol still has time to help out the weavers!!!

Just a note:

  We received the sad news that our friend, Joyce, passed away last night in Virginia.  Joyce and her daughter, Maggie, wove with us for awhile a few years ago.
  The Tuesday Weavers send lots of love and hugs to Maggie and her family during this time. 

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Maggie said...

That's a great picture of Mom, and I have one of those placemats on my table right now! Thank you for the hugs and thoughts. I love you guys!