Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Getting Ready!

  The Ladies were hard at work first thing this morning:  Shirley and Bonnie on their scarves and Ms. Ila on her shawl.

  Here's a close-up look at the snakeskin shawl Ms. Ila is weaving.  The painted warp gives it added depth, I think.

  Liz, Jocelyn and Betsy are intent on weaving their projects, too.  Liz's goal was to cut off  her towels by this afternoon.

  This is a close-up of Betsy's placemats.

  Carl finished threading the heddles, and starting tying on the warp to the back bar.  I know that means we might be winding on next week.

  Christy's ready for him!  She's working on more panels for blue jean rugs!

  Ray brought one of his new rugs to show us...he will have it for sale at the Foothills show.  (This is a blue jean rug, too!)

  Pat is planning her next fabric project for more bowl cozies.  Davison is always a good resource!

  Marilyn finished her sample warp, and she's planning her next warp.  Mary is just starting her sample.

  And what are Alyce and Carol doing back at the warping board????  It's a tangle.........uh-oh!

  Linda is going to work on that black warp....back to placemats, which we always need! 
  Bonnie's huck lace placemats are looking great!

  Linda has switched to a pale green for this set of towels.  She's treadling twill stripes, which look great with this color.

  And, we should all take time to catch up with our friends. 
  As we get ready for next week, we just need to stop and share...it's one of the great joys of our group.

Happy Weaving!

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