Tuesday, October 9, 2018

It's Always Something

  Hey!  Remember when Bonnie was weaving that scarf, and she suddenly realized that she was using the "threading" for the treadling????

  Yes, one of these scarves is the one.....but, she doesn't remember which one now!!!!

  These four bamboo scarves were from the same warp....the same threading....but different treadling!
  Now they are finished....she even put little sparkly beads in the fringe!!!!
  (BTW...this photo does NOT do them justice!)


  Today she was working on her "snake skin" scarf.  Another winner!!!!
  Ms. Ila was still threading on the shawl warp.  Maybe she'll be weaving by next week.

  Carol told us that she found a snake in her house last week....she's not as thrilled with the snake skin warps!!!  (Her hubby took the snake out to the woods and released it.)

  Carol was pulled in many directions today.  Helen wanted some help on a project that she's planning  And, Sharon is trying to decide what pattern she wants to use for her next scarf warp.  There are so many lovely warps just waiting for their turn on the loom!

  It was decided that we needed to move the big ole barn loom up to the front of the studio.  Whenever we have visitors, they are drawn like a magnet back to that lovely loom and the wonderful man weaving on her.
  So.....after lunch, we took off the roll of rugs that were woven on the cloth beam, and moved the warp beam to the far side of the studio.
  Then, it was time to push and pull and move that lovely loom!!!
(BTW, this is payback for all the rear-end photos I've taken over the years!!!!)


As we moved the barn loom out of the way, Bonnie moved in with the vacuum cleaner and removed all the lint on the floor.  Betsy's loom was then moved in place.  Jocelyn and Liz will be beside her on the right.

  With those looms in place, the barn loom continued over to its new spot at the front of the studio.

The Wolf Pups just lined up at the end of the day behind the barn loom.  The fit is perfect!

  You can see Linda talking to some visitors to the studio as we were finishing up this afternoon.  They seemed to enjoy seeing what was on all the looms, as well as our moving adventure!

  The Baby Wolves, Mighty Wolves and table looms on stands all found just the perfect spots to park, too.  And, we were all behind the poles!!!

  Carl......you've got work to do next Tuesday.  Your roll of rugs are ready to have their fringes tied!!!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

That barn loom is a thing of beauty! And I love all those pups playing behind it. ;-)

Tina J said...

What a wonderful idea to showcase the star of the show!

Jocelyn said...

Wow! What a daunting task, moving that big barn loom. I thought it would still be in the same spot 100 years from now. I'll miss having quiet exchanges with Carl as my neighbor though.