Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Another Tuesday

  What a group!!!!  There's always a million things going on:  move some yarn, weave a little, ask a question.  Oh, and a little conversation!  That's just in the first 15 minutes!  The area where Helen and Anna are weaving is where we store the Pups, Baby Wolves, the Mighty Wolves and the table looms on stands when we are not in the Studio.  Having that open space on Tuesdays means that we have access to the back of the looms if needed.  It's a system that works!

  Betsy's warp is tied on, and it's time to tie up the treadles.  I have to admit, the Macomber can be a challenge!  This means we'll get to see her new placemats begin next week!

  Threading began on Bonnie and Ms. Ila's warps today.  They are both using the "snakeskin" threading that was in Handwoven awhile back.  This will be one that we will be watching!!!!

  Ray is weaving.....he's not totally happy with the way the loom is acting, though.  But, you can see he is getting two layers, just like he wanted!!!!

  I guess our discussion on Overshot worked for Charlotte!  Just look at her mug rugs that she wove at home!!!!

  Sharon finished hemstitching the mobius scarf, and off the warp came!  There also were three scarves on the cloth beam.

  There were lots of laughter from this part of the Studio!  You just have to wonder what Frieda and Alyce were talking about.

  Jaid has here red warp wound on, and she was busy threading today.  That lovely yellow warp that Pearl was working on is a delight to the eyes!
  You can see where Christy has been working on joining more blue jean panels for Carl....it's hard to stay ahead of him!

  And, just for fun, Alyce and Pearl serenaded us at lunch.  Linda posted it on her Facebook page, and I shared it on my page if you'd like to hear some of this special moment.

Never a dull moment!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

It is so good to see everyone, when I can't make it myself. Overshot mug rugs, double width weaving, from fine scarves to blankets and rugs, diverse people and projects, teamwork and laughter are what keep us coming back!

Theresa said...

I find the Macomber one of my easiest looms to tie up, although I think the LeClerc Fanny will be a pretty quick job too. Such an array of wonderful projects! Always a treat to read the weekly update.

Soksophoan said...

i like so much...Thanks for sharing the good information!

Sharon said...

It looks like you’ve got a fair share of Schacht looms. My guild seems to have swept up with the Wolf virus. I’ve woven on my Gilmore’s since I started and while I lust after that room full of looms, I’m sure I’d feel like something was missing were I to change horses midstream now :-)