Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tale of Two Warps

  We've been watching Ray's warp for awhile now.  He put it through the reed and threaded the heddles last month, and we've been waiting for him to wind this puppy on the loom.  Today was the day!!!
  You can see that he had plenty of help:  Ray had helped Bonnie wind on her warp, and she was ready to return the favor.
  Peggy came to see if she could help, but with Ray on the warp side and Tina on the crank, they pretty much had it covered.

  That is until they discovered this:

Yep....a big ole rat's nest tangle.  It seems that someone had tumbled the warp chain out of the box it was in, and then the threads got all mixed up!
  But, once again....cooler heads persevered and the tangle was slowly UNtangled. 

  See......it's ready to go!  What a lovely sight!

   Now, all this time, our newest weavers were hard at work at their looms.  Marion and Jaid were back with us today.  They just took up where they left off!

  Marion was working on her three inches of 1/3 twill, and I saw Jaid laying down some lovely hemstitching!


  Ms. Ila's warp of three shawls came off the loom today....each of them with different patterns.  This picture does not do justice to this shawl!!!!


  Oh, yes!  Here's that second warp going on the loom.  This is an eight yard huck placemat warp getting wound on the loom.
  I love that they just jump in and help each other!

  Linda finished her baby blanket for her soon to be grandson!  This is from Tom Knisely's Handwoven Baby Blankets.  Be sure to click on the picture to get a better look at the pattern!  That's one lucky little boy!

  I need to get a CLOSE up shot of this pattern that Frieda is using for this scarf.  She told me she found it on Pinterest.    It is perfect for this scarf!

I really don't know what these ladies are up to???? 

Do you????

I'm sure we'll find out soon!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Those ladies are no doubt up to no good! ;-)
Love that blue and white warp especially now that it is untangled. Do you guys mostly warp front to back or everyone does their own thing? Just curious.