Friday, May 12, 2017

Three Bags Full

I returned home Monday from my visit to my family in California.  I started working right away cleaning the fleeces I brought home from the Museum's Sheep Shearing on Tuesday.  The 4 Scottish Blackface fleeces have sticky tips and are going to need a bunch of flicking out before I wash them.  The other fleeces, 6 I think, just need a really good rinsing in the wheelbarrow with the hose before I set to washing them. They are really, really filthy and have a bunch of small particles of dirt that may not all come out in the wash, but once I set to them with my combs they will come out nicely.

The 4 Scottish blackface fleeces are interesting indeed, rugged, toothsome, strong and  full of kemp (small wiry hairs) which will challenge my fleece preparation capabilities.  I plan to comb them to get rid of most of the kemp then send them thru the drum carder to be pulled of in roving form.  I plan to use this rugged fleece as weft in handwoven rugs.  It would make really good rug warp, and I may get around to that as well.  The other 6 fleeces are a nice combination of Southdown and Shetland, strong, very springy, but soft and almost translucent.  I will be spinning these fleeces into yarn that will be good for hats and mittens.

Many Fleeces and Mouse the cat photo bomb

I only took white fleeces this year, they will take dye well should I decide to do that.  I truthfully did not need to take any fleeces this year, but how could I refuse free ones!

I have managed to get thru 3 bags  and I have 3 more to go (6 fleeces), but today, I ran out of detergent and I ran out of space to dry them (the 4 drying racks and the mesh bag).

We will have rain for the next day or so, that it is going to slow me down a bit, but I am determined to get thru these in the next week or so, I don't like having dirty wool around with grandkids coming and going.

It is good to be home again, until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina


LA said...

It should be interesting to see how the Scottish Blackface works up. They are very handsome sheep!!! I'm so glad that Mouse checked them out for any hitch hikers.

Theresa said...

I bet that Scottish Blackface would make a great knitted long lasting sweater. Not the next to your skin type but a primitive and hard wearing heavy warm cabled number, perfect for barn chores, and picking apples in late November.